How to Add New Simulators to Xcode

Tech Notes
4 min readNov 29, 2023

I would see this error repeatedly when trying to add the ios simulator to Xcode-beta 15.2

Here’s the full error message after clicking the show details button:

Failed with HTTP status 400: bad request
Domain: DataGatheringNSURLSessionDelegate
Code: 1
User Info: {
DVTErrorCreationDateKey = "2023-11-29 18:58:34 +0000";

System Information

macOS Version 14.1.1 (Build 23B81)
Xcode 15.1 (22501) (Build 15C5042i)
Timestamp: 2023-11-29T12:58:34-06:00

Go to this site:

Download the simulator you want,

on the command line run this command:

xcrun simctl runtime add ~/Downloads/iOS_17.2_beta_3_Simulator_Runtime.dmg

Use the name of your own .dmg file,

here’s my output:

D: 8AC08B71-E9BF-41B0-A002-6419CB0F0CF0 iOS (17.2 - 21C5046b) (Ready)

However, I’m still having issues trying to use this simulator from the Xcode IDE.

As you can see it says ios 17.2 is not installed.

Here’s the instructions page by the way on installing and managing Simulator Runtimes:

from that page I can see that a command to try next is this one:

 xcodebuild -downloadAllPlatforms

I run that command and get this error message, which is very similar to the one I see in the Xcode-beta IDE,

I check and can confirm that I am connected to the internet, so it’s not like I am having a connectivity issue,

%  xcodebuild -downloadAllPlatforms
Finding content...2023-11-29 13:01:29.696 xcodebuild[2580:39359] DVTDownloadable: Observed finish. Stop observing simulator updates. error: (null)
Downloading iOS 17.2 Simulator (21C5029e): Preparing to download...2023-11-29 13:01:29.940 xcodebuild[2580:39322] DVTDownloadable: Download Failed. Downloadable…