IT Leadership Course at WGU. Course Review

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Course Overview

Course Description

IT Leadership Foundations is an introductory course that provides students with an overview of organizational structures, communication, and leadership styles specific to information technology in organizations. It also introduces students to some of the power skills that help make successful IT professionals, including time management, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. Students in this course explore their own strengths and passions in relation to the field. There are no prerequisites for this course.
This course includes the following competencies:

Competency 4071.01.1: Leadership Strategies
The graduate selects appropriate influential leadership strategies to effectively navigate workplace situations.

Competency 4071.01.2: Communication
The graduate communicates ideas, opinions, and information suitable for various professional settings.

Competency 4071.01.3: Professional Reflection
The graduate reflects on the emotional reactions of self and others in a variety of professional situations.

Competency 4071.01.4: Team Strategies
The graduate recommends strategies for decision-making in various team environments. The graduate integrates software quality testing and assurance throughout the software development process.

Assessment 1 [2]

A:Self-Assessment Description

After completing the CliftonStrengths self-assessment, reflect on the connection between your strengths and the development of influential leadership skills by doing the following:

A. Describe what you learned about yourself based on the results of your self-assessment, including the following:

• how your strengths contribute to your thoughts, decisions, and behaviors

• how you can use these insights to add value in your current or future professional role